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HTV Prints

HTV Prints

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Finish Type: Choose if your transfer will be print and cut or will be a finished transfer. Details about these two options are below.

Largest Dimension: Choose the size based on the largest dimension. If the exact size isn't an option, pick the closest one and provide the exact dimensions in the notes. Ex: If you need your design to be 8.5 inches, then you would pick the 9 inch option and leave a note at checkout that you need it to be 8.5 inches.

★★★★★★ 2 inch and 3 Inch Transfers ONLY★★★★★★
Please note that these will not be finished with small details as they do not come out clearly. Any finished product will be finished with a solid shape.

We will contact you to let you know about any applicable design fees and provide design mockups for approval before printing.

• All images will be sized proportionally to the desired print size requested. If you are wanting to stretch it, in the notes say the word STRETCH TO [dimensions]. We are not responsible for artwork that is blurry, or doesn't "look" the same ect... if the words "STRETCH TO" are not used we will stretch the print proportionally. No proofs or mock ups will be given so please ensure that the size request is exactly what you are needing.

We reserve the right to cancel orders in the event that we are unable to process the order because of file issues, equipment limitations, design issues, copyright restrictions, or any other reason. We will contact you as soon as possible in the event we are not able to complete your order.

Once the design has been approved, your order will be shipped within our standard processing time of 3 BUSINESS DAYS.

There is a lot of details below about how this process works. Please read the description fully before ordering.

• This listing is based on IMAGES YOU PROVIDE. We charge $10 to add text/change color.

• We can create a CUSTOM DESIGN for you from scratch. PLEASE MESSAGE US BEFORE ORDERING as these have individual prices based on the complexity of the design.

• If we are creating a custom design from scratch for you or adding text to your image, please be as specific as possible as we send only 2 proofs - one for the original design layout and one with your changes if needed. Any additional changes will have additional fees.

Please note that we do not accept cancellations.

Important Notes about this Process

★Prints transfer on Cotton, Polyester, and 50/50 blends and any color.

★Your design will be printed in full color on a white opaque material. After printing, the design will be cut out around the design. Because of this process, the final product MAY have a small white border and/or small areas or details of the design may not get cut out which will result in white in those areas. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

★If your file is not print ready or your order needs to be designed, we will contact you prior to starting any part of your order to let you know upfront what design work and fees will apply. Design fees are not refundable and must be paid prior to any work being done.

★By purchasing this listing, I understand that Merchan Media Group is not responsible for printing errors from grammatical errors, blurry images from low quality files, file provided being a screen shot, or any other errors resulting because of the provided file. Files will be printed EXACTLY as they have been uploaded unless you have added the option for us to assist with designing.

★This option is for printing full color/multi color designs. This listing is primarily for designs that just need cut out into a solid shape, not die cut. We may be able to do die cut designs, but it is more labor intensive so additional fees may apply. Please contact us prior to placing your order to verify it is something we can do.

★We offer THREE finish options. Please choose the one that works best for you.

★This listing is NOT for ganged sheets. If you would like multiple of the design, please order each individual transfer that you need at the size of each transfer. If a gang sheet is provided for printing, it will either be cut out as one design or we will need to recalculate your order and charge you the difference.

Print & Cut Only: This option is perfect for crafters that just need their project made and cut. The transfer would still need to be weeded and masked. Mask will be provided.

Solid Shaped Finished Transfer: This option is best for customers who aren't familiar with working with vinyl and want their product to be ready to go. The transfer will be cut out in a solid shape with no details cut out. For example, a since, oval, square,rectangle. If you have a preference please let us know. By default, a rectangle or square will be used. The transfer will be printed, cut, weeded, and then mask will be applied. Once the item is delivered, it would be ready to iron on or heat press.

Weeded Finished Transfer: This option is best for customers who aren't familiar with working with vinyl and want their product to be ready to go and have a detailed file that has any amount of detailed weeding. For example, the letters and image will all be cleaned up and ready to apply. The transfer will be printed, cut, details weeded, and then mask will be applied. Once the item is delivered, it would be ready to iron on or heat press.

If you have any questions about ordering, please contact us BEFORE you purchase. Your order will be made as requested so please ask questions before placing the order.

We print on high-quality printable vinyl with a wide format latex printer. Our COMMERCIAL GRADE printer uses environmentally friendly inks and doesn’t give off any harsh chemicals or smells.
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